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Tales from the English Room

*waves* Hello to the lot of you, and you'll notice that I have braved the multiple exclamation marks in the name of this community for the sake of D'aulaires. That is dedication, say I. ^^

I took a class in Greeks this year; we read Oedipus Rex, and the various Greek gods came up. I started spouting about Poseidon and Athena and Hades and their relationships and so on and so forth, leaving great gaps of history out because I assumed everyone knew the story of Athena's birth, for example. Turns out not everyone did; a good majority of the class knew no Greek myths.

Bar only one or two, all of the people who were familiar with the classics?

Got their knowledge from D'aulaire's as a kid.

And, by the way, thought Hermes was a stone fox.
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